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Dario Benvenuti Florals is a floral design  firm, specializing in the production and execution of luxury weddings. 
We are  enthusiastic floral designer and passionate about what we do. We are distinguished for marvelous weddings by adding just the right touch of extravagant elegance, romantic fascination, and dazzling opulence wherever there is a desire for the beauty of extraordinary flowers and decors.
The Company
  • The Company

  • We know how important it is to create a Day that is only yours; something unique and memorable. Whether it is an intimate party or an extravagant wedding with hundreds of guests, you will receive the same attention to your personal style through our floral design. We will incorporate your dream into an event that will be totally original, making it a regal and royal experience unique to you.

    We are fully attentive and committed to your vision and to every detail of the event, ensure that there is a high level of quality, creativity, and service for each client, while making sure everything is in order too.

    For that, we accept a limited number of weddings each year, in order to guarantee only the best.

  • Philosophy

  • Dario Benvenuti Florals specializes in designing luxury weddings, from concept to creation. We think that creating an event is all about feelings, emotions and style. Our belief is that every event is the reflection of the client’s personality and it should be as unique as the host. For that, we are very attentive in listening to clients’ ideas and visions. Thanks to our intuitive abilities that distinguish us, and the artistic sensibility and love for all that is beautiful. We can get to the deep core of a client’s personality and, taking inspirations through their feeling and style, to create an in-depth design customized to their wedding style.

    A true artwork on the table and all around that will make the vision they have to become a reality, and even more captivating and much beyond their imagination. An experience that both the clients and guests will remember, and make them say “…..It was so you!”

Background History
  • Background History

  • After 20 years of experience, DB background guarantees a high level and outstanding products for an high-end clientele. The cultural basis finds their roots on Italian art school and workshops, with the most important and famous European floral and art designers. Wide professional experiences, firstly within the circles of the Italian and International Jet-Set, and also at events for big and popular Italian fashion firms in Milan. Besides, Dario Benvenuti recently collaborated in Hawaii with some of the most local important flower designers.

    In Italy, he had the great honor to be chosen as a local flower designer for very lush and amazing events in Tuscany, Como lake Venice and other important destinations, in collaboration with famous event designers from the USA, ensuring the wonderful and opulent events are unique.