Design Steps



DB offers a broad variety of products and services, from Bridal design to Home decor, and surrealistic creations and everything in between. In addition to floral design, DB also offers full Styling and Design Services to help a client tell his story from start to finish. All executed within the latest developments and trends.

No design is the same and under the influence of nature. Taking clients’ personality and wishes into consideration, every design has its own individuality and value.

Our services include:


❖ Floral Design and Styling

❖ Event Styling

❖ Hand-made water-color drafts

❖ Fabric Installations

❖ Ceremony and Reception Structures

❖ Consultation for Lighting Environments


Design steps


At Dario Benvenuti Florals, we think it is all about collaboration. Together, we create an event that is unique to you. It’s about your feeling, your emotions and personal style, as well as the mood you want your guests to feel. From this point, we will start designing the event and incorporating the details in a way that it will be so you, to reflect your personality.

1– The process of designing your wedding begins with a free CONSULTATION. The goal is, first of all, to know each other and learn more about you and your wedding vision. Any photos or pictures, link about blogs and websites you love, may help to understand the color palette you like, the mood you would like to setup, as well as your style and personality.

2– After the consultation, we will make a first PROPOSAL. That we will discuss together by setting up a meeting on Skype. Following your feedback, we will make adjustment based on your needs and thoughts.

3– When you have confirmed that you’re willing to work with us and the proposal is accepted, we will need you to sign an AGREEMENT  and provide a 30% deposit. This is to secure your event date and our commitment to create your wedding. From this point on, we will go deep down on the real design process, taking care of each detail.

4- In this stage, we will start creating a very CUSTOM PROJECT and to tune up each detail of your wedding floral design. We will figure out your vision, and again meeting you by Skype, e-mail or any other medium in order to be sure you are satisfied.

5– By this time, your wedding design will be more and more detailed. Almost 6 to8 weeks before your wedding, there will be the need to complete the creative stage and  APPROVE THE FINAL DESIGN. In this way, we will start to place the order for your wedding, and you will be required to finalize your invoice.