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Exquisite mint coral vintage wedding at Vincigliata Castleby Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings

Exquisite mint coral vintage wedding at Vincigliata Castle

Vincigliata Castle in Florence was a perfect setting for this luxurious mint coral vintage wedding. The dining room was filled with aged hydrangea, coral beautiful  roses and dahalias, white and ancient pink blossoms and cascading silver eucaliptus.

A delicate vintage coral and cream lace was the perfect touch to enance the magical mood of ancient times.

Rich shades of bright coral, browinsh , ancient pink combined with the luxurious gold accents gave this wedding the royal touch!


table-room-with-a-view table-coral-mint-reception bride-&-groom-place-setting gold-coral-mint-palette biridesmaide-bouquets tablescape-coral-mint-wedding detail-coral-mint-reception coral mint vintage wedding decor Cornamusa-coral-mint-vintage-wedding flowers--&-decorations tablescape-coral-mint-vintage-reception detail-coral-mint-vintage-wedding the-team

Credits: Wedding Planner : Cindy Salgado, Florence / Venue: Vincigliata Castle, Florence / Catering : Galateo Ricevimenti, Florence

Blush wedding bouquetBy Dario benvenuti Florals and Weddings

Blush wedding bouquet

This is a little taste of our mint and coral wedding with the stupendous Cindy Salgado at the awsome Vincigliata Castle.  In contrast with the colored reception, soft blush hues reigns supreme in this romantic wedding bouquet.  Adorable vintage lace and jewel details.

Full wedding at Exquisite Mint Coral Vintage Wedding

blush wedding bouquet White-pale-bouquet

Wedding Planner: Cindy Salgado, Florence / venue : Vincigliata Castle, Florence

Super chic luxury wedding in Tuscanyby Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings

Super chic luxury wedding in Tuscany

Modern  was the inspiration for this exquisite chic luxury wedding in Tuscany. The wedding took place at the beautiful Villa le Maschere, close to Florence.   Romanticism,  modern ,  silver and transparencies came together nicely to create a simply stunning luxury evening. Precious pale pink cymbidium orchids, beautiful roses, in different white tones and sizes. Baby blue  hydrangea  gave a chic accent to this luxury wedding. We enjoyed draping the anonymous dinner tent using white transparent and  precious silk fabrics, adding elegance and CHARACTER to the event. Inside dinner tent,  gorgeous crystal candelabras  with  special silver vases lined along the long queens tables graced both couple and guests.  Superb.

baby blue bridal bouquet

chic luxury wedding

chic luxury wedding transparencies

chic luxury wedding baby blue accent decor

super chic wedding cocktailluxury chic wedding

chic luxury wedding receptionchic sparkle wedding

chandelier chic luxury wedding

Event Planner: Monica Balli Eventi, Tuscany –

Venue:  Villa le Maschere – Florence


Lush medieval themed wedding in TuscanyBy Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings

Lush medieval themed wedding in Tuscany

Hello!! Buongiorno to all !

Today I’m feel something very romantic in the air!   So let share an amazing Lush  Medieval themed wedding in Tuscany.  The wedding took place in areal and marvelous castle  in Tuscany, Castello di Tornano. The reception was created lush and colorful centerpieces by mixing  abundant precious and high quality  flowers  with symbolic fruits.  Pomegranates, grapes hip roses  gave a  medieval accent to reception decor. Stone tuscan urns added elegance, emphasizing the medieval feelings of this lush wedding.

According to fall and medieval theme, we choose with the couple a bright color palette. Red, orange , peach and ancient dark pink were blended with light colors to create nice contrasts.

Pomegranate: Life, regeneration, prosperity and indissolubility of marriage.  Dignity and elegance stay in DAHLIA flowers. Another meaning opt this beautiful flower is about a everlasting a bond. White ROSES mean innocence.  Red stay for passion and Love, peach means sincerity. Grapes wish abundance, and the beautiful hiproses give wisdom and beauty to the whole union.

Beautiful gardens andtypical stone walls Tornano Castles were a perfect frame of this medieval themed wedding in Tuscany.


Event Planning: Monica Balli Eventi – Italy

Venue: Castello di Tornano Tuscany


Stylish & Modern Wedding in Florenceby Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings

Stylish & Modern Wedding in Florence

Salve a tutti

On our last post we shared photos of the unusual and crazy photoshoot  at Haiku Mill in Maui. Today we want to share with you the photos of a wedding in Forence.  Two very different looks, don’t you think?

We just  fell in love with  the big facinating terrace of Hotel Continentale where the ceremony took place,   overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

The sky was the limit and provided the perfect background for this  stylish  Wedding in Florence  on top of the Consorti tower, at splendid Sky Bar , Hotel Continentale, a stone throw away from Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto’s Bell Tower and Ponte Vecchio.

The reception took place at “White Room” in the style of the 50’s in the heart of the Continentale Hotel.

We made a Simple and natural FLOWER DESIGN that gave Harmony and Elegance, bestowing this trendy bar & restaurant a vibrant and dynamic yet MODERN Style.

                                                          LOVE it!!


Event Planner: Monica Balli EventiTuscany –

Venue:  Hotel Continentale – Florence


Did you like this {Wedding Design} ? We’d love to know what you feel about it, and  what kind of Wedding Style or Design you would like for your big day or see.

So come on and leave your comments below. Don’t forget to share this post about our  Weddings Design!





Haiku Mill & Dario Benvenuti: a Different day for Flower designby Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings

Haiku Mill & Dario Benvenuti:  a Different day for Flower design

Aloha a tutti! Ciao in Aloha spirit

First experience in Maui.

Inspiration wedding shoot inside the most amazing and gorgeous wedding venues: Haiku Mill, an abandoned ruins of an old sugar Mill transformed into a blossoming hidden treasure by  the owner, the amazing and smart Sylvia.

We cannot describe  how powerful were the emotions  deep down our body. it was  a great gift to create with flowers and nature in a such beautiful wedding venues in collaboration with a so special so nice and cozy person, like  Sylvia.

Just imagine:  vintage French romance  meets a secret wild garden . Inspired by  romance, beauty, tropical and lush nature, Dario Benvenuti designed something amusing and fresh, hoping to inspire all girls to-be-bride who love beauty,  elegance & romance, but also feel wild and free, in a nushtell out of the boxes.

Thanks to all the team, this crazy photo-shoot took life. We want to thank  in particular Anna Kim . Her  great sensibility  allowed to superbly capture with amazing shoots the mood and feelings of wildness and elegance.

Many thanks also to the local florist, Dellables, that support us in this creations and helped with all her creativity and logistics.

Haiku Mill flower design bouquet

design buttonhole

Venue: Haiku Mill, Maui

Photography:  Anna Kim, Maui


Lavish & Romantic Weddingby Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings

Lavish & Romantic Wedding

Ciao a tutti! After our Hawaiian experience, lets publish some amazing and luxury wedding. We are starting with a real lavish & romantic wedding.

I think that every girl’s dreamt a Fairytale wedding, maybe  running off to Tuscany to say “I Do” to the love of our lives, right? Well, start dreaming…Because this wedding was  celebrated in the most breathtaking venue in Tuscany, La Suvera Luxury Relais.  The design of this wedding is  Romantic and Lavish at once. It blends together classical and fine elements with modern crystal chandelier. Ceremony  will seriously wow you (seriously). The amazing ancient medieval  church accepted couples and  guests  showing at the entrance rich white draperies enriched by a beautiful floral decorations.

lavish & romantic wedding ceremony
lavush & romantic wedding ceremony details
lavish & romantic wedding ceremony drapery
 wedding ceremony altar flower arrangement

lavish wedding ceremony decor

romantic wedding flowers

We enjoyed and had fun  setting up  the draperies both  for the church and lounge area.  Reception was  elegant and sparkly. We created a simple stylish floral design on  stunning crystal chandelier. The beautiful gold white and blue palette provided the perfect backdrop for this lavish & romantic wedding reception.


lavish& romantic wedding reception


lavish & romantic wedding lounge area


lavish & romantic wedding lounge area decor


lavish & romantic wedding by night

Event Plannign: Monica Balli Eventi – Italy

Venue: La Suvera Luxury Relais Pievescola – Tuscany



Wedding in Hawaii, amazing flowers & design

Wedding in Hawaii, amazing flowers & design


today we would love to share with you a little glimpse of our  experience about wedding in Hawaii.  We are placed in Maui one of the most wonderful and spiritual place on earth .

The motto is creating unique floral  design and having  fun with our amazing partner, Dellables wedding design & florals . Maui is a true paradise on earth : flowers everywhere,  amazing beaches, warm and cozy, dramatic colors!  Wedding here is like a mystical experience.

A new exiting challenge is facing.  Combining Italian artistic flare with volcanic creativity  of our partner,  bringing  italian style and design deep down into the heart of  tropics.

Enjoy with us some of our exiting moments:












Wedding & Floral Design: Dario Benventi Florals & weddings  & Dellables Floral & Wedding Design