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  • Owner, Creative Director

    I’m Dario, for me everything revolves around the simplicity of my life choice. I have been observing nature’s wonders since I was a child. That made me aware of being an artist.I was born in the middle of the Tuscan countryside and grew up surrounded by the vibrant colors, tastes and scents of Mediterranean nature, and also by magnificent and unforgettable artworks. Today, I am always inspired by all the beauty around me: a landscape, a magnificent ancient Villa, a pure emotion, a game of colors and texture etc. In my job, I follow with this kind of philosophy: “making people experience feeling and smiling, playing and creating, keeping to look at the world with the eye of a child”.

    My first goal is to share emotions with my clients while attentively listening to them in order to create a reliable, worthy and loyal relationship. Then, creativity flows ….


  • Partner/ Designer

    Creative and Talented, Viviana loves everything that is art. The Partner of Dario in both work and life. She is very intuitive, imaginative and nice, yet at once she has embraced wholeheartedly every challenge. Her main task is designing and drawing in water colors, your custom event. Thanks to her ability to capture the nuances that make a person unique. She takes inspiration from the personal style of the client, along with many other influential elements like emotions, moods, feelings, and the theme of the event, to create a project that is absolutely unique in its presentation, incorporating client’s vision and distinctive style.

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    Skype: dariobenvenutistyle

    Viviana Mobile : +39-347.04.56.372

    Dario Mobile : +39-339-22-45-335

    Monday-Friday 9:00 am −6:30 pm

    We are available for consultations, site inspection, from Monday to Thursday. During weekends, from Friday to Sunday, we are often busy on producing and creating wedding designs for our clients. However, we will commit ourselves to do the best to meet your need and accommodate your schedule. So, Please, feel free to contact us. You are Welcome!