Every beautiful event is the result of the work and creativity of many. When an occasion calls for originality, gorgeous touches or bold statements, our creative team is beyond compare. With masterful workmanship, we can create an exquisite chuppah for a wedding, a custom-built installation or suspension for your gala dinner, or a stunning centerpiece.


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Well known for his inventive work and his unique artistic  talent that inspires all his creations, Dario has designed beautiful events and weddings, specializing in the last 15 years in destination weddings.



He was born the middle of the Tuscan countryside and grew up surrounded by the vibrant colors, tastes and scents of Mediterranean nature, and also by magnificent and unforgettable artworks. He has  been observing nature’s wonders since he was a child, making his first bouquets just picking up flowers and greeneries from the wood only to make people smiling.

Today, Dario is always inspired by all the beauty around him: a landscape, a magnificent ancient Villa, a pure emotion, a game of colors and texture etc. In his job, he follows with this kind of philosophy: making people experience feeling love and smiling, playing and creating, keeping to look at the world with the pure and amazed eye of a child.

He founded Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings  15 years ago, after a long and deep experience in wedding industry mastering the art of artistic scenographies, flower scenes, working with some of the most wolrdwilde famous floral designers.

“My first goal is to be aware of my feelings and build a connection with my clients. I love  to share emotions with them. And always  attentively listening to them in order to catch their essence and transform that energy in a floral creation that resonate of beauty and love’s  vibrations . The secret ingredient? A  worthy and loyal relationship. Then, creativity flows”

His open mind and heart alway  guide  him to share his knowledge, helping young florists to grow up their own business, teaching how to get in touch with the inner feelings and create a connection, helping them to go over the difficulties.

In his free time, Dario loves to spend his time meditating, drumming and chanting, or walking barefoot on the woods to keep the connection with Mother Earth,  to get centered and expand his own awareness.


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Introducing DB crew

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Owner, Visionary, artistic director, always looking for perfection. Loving nature and walking barefoot to connect to Mother Earth

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Business partner, sweet mommy, loving animals, creative and welcoming

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DB crew is a gorgeous kind-hearted and talented bunch. They contribute with their artistic imagination and ingenious to the design and production process.


We know how important it is to create a Day that is only yours; something unique and memorable. Whether it is an intimate party or an extravagant wedding with hundreds of guests, you will receive the same attention to your personal style through our floral design.

floral design tuscany




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Stephanie & Albert

One of the first things I remember about our wedding is the incredible environment you created for us! It is one of the most stunning visions I have seen in my life, there was so much love and magic in everything you did-- it's a special gift you have, and a blessing for all who are lucky to be a part of it!

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Dario is a magician and a visionary. I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to describe how grateful I am for his work. He took flowers and made them into absolute art.

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Lauren & Jason

Dario and Viviana took my dream wedding vision via phone and Skype conversations between Italy and the US and made it come to life seamlessly! It was as if we had worked together in person for months, though we were an ocean apart. Their creative intuition and understanding of my personality and style ultimately lead to the most picture-perfect floral displays for all 3 of our events the week of our wedding

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You could say we were nontraditional as we were asking for no candles and little to no flowers. We had ideas of what we liked, but it was really hard to describe. We wanted it to look and feel Italian is all we kept saying. We put our complete trust in Dario and Viviana to come up with their own vision. Everything they did was absolutely stunning!

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Aisha & Dugg

I couldn't be more grateful for Dario's beautiful flower arrangements at our wedding in 2014. We had an idea of what we might like but weren't completely clear and Dario was able to gather accents of everything that we loved and orchestrated an array of truly breathtaking and magical arrangements for our big day.

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Dario and Viviana are visionaries. They are creative and true artists. We were so impressed with our floral design. It was very detail-oriented. Our table was magical, and it truly caught everyone's breath to see such a beautiful table arrangement.

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They (Dario & Viviana) were extremely professional and responsive. We communicated via email and they understood exactly what I wanted even half the world away and with different languages between us. They were even better in person! They are the sweetest people, who take pride in their work. It really shows in the end result. Our wedding decor was beautiful, the flowers were just gorgeous, and they put their heart and soul into it.


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