We are Visual Storytellers who love to tell your story your way simply using flowers, precious and unique decorations, our artistic flair and all the Love and Passion we have. Through the art of floral design , we transform an arrangement into a love poem, and a event into an unforgettable experience. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create ethereal spaces that hold their guests within a dream.
Your wedding day it´s not about a fancy party with a pretty decor. It´s so much more than that.
It´s all about your life, it’s about your Love, who you are, what you like to do and if you’re doing something meaningful to the world. We need to have real and quality “content” to do this right and this is the most honest way to do it.
You got ask yourselves a question: Do you want to have a day by the book or do you want a truly unique experience with your closest ones? We can help with it bringing solutions and being at your side all the time.
This is something that you must think about when you contact us. Trying to know more about you give us a sense of how it will be your day and what are your expectations.


So, you’re still reading this lines… that’s cool! Let’s speak a bit about our style.

We have our own, and have also so much experience and creativity to follow your vision and guide you into an exceptional and exclusive creative process. In this sense  we´re not open-mind to change our way to work and our value because you  are only looking for the best prices and you go to other florist looking for the best deal ever and get the best quotations.  Beginning to be part of  a  insignificant and strenuous negotiation. 

This doesn´t fit our vision . 

This means that you must accept us as we are and because what you´ve seen and read about us. Because you are choosing us for our talent, our ability to envision and get in touch deeply with your feelings and from there to create something that really speaks about you . 

If we´re going to work together, you must understand and trust our judge and vision.  We like to have sometimes opulent decorations or dramatic arrangements . We also like clean designs , elegant and minimalist  tables ,  but always something with a sense of art  in terms of harmony and originality in your event and most important: with something really beautiful, moving and emotional. 

We respect this concept that drives our path. Let’s turn the moments authentic. That’s what we seek most: intense and authentic feelings.


Does this makes sense to you?

Do you see a great day with flawless,  unforgettable moments?  Tears of emotions for something truly beyond your imagination and laughters of deep joy and connection?

If so, it´s time to meet and share this great experience in both lives: yours and ours.